Expanding the Family

As many of you know, earlier this month Battleborn held a vote to decide whether or not to open our roster to our member’s families. After a three-day vote, the result was overwhelmingly in favor of extending membership invitations to the children and wives of our members. At the time we realized that inclusion of these two groups would require certain social modifications. This is mostly due to the idea of minors being present on our Discord, with the main challenge being the preservation of our locker room atmosphere while protecting children from some of the more “colorful” content. In order to achieve this we decided to create a separate channel where children can interact with the cla

Side Quests

First off, the admin team would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote for the next Battleborn games. Those votes have been tallied and two distinct groups emerged- PvE folks seem to love Monster Hunter World while some of the PvP folks are digging Fortnite (of course there are a few of you crossing party lines) and as a result we have decided to support both games as Destiny supplements. So does this mean for you? We want you to know that this DOESN'T mean we are abandoning Destiny 2. We are committed to having an active D2 clan and that means those not playing at least a little D2 (4 hours/month) will still be removed from the Battleborn and Discord. In the meantime... Monsters

Friendship is Magic

Hello Battleborn! As many of you are aware, we were in the middle of a holding a vote to find a new game that would be endorsed as an official Battleborn game. Due to an overwhelming write-in campaign and my bold leadership, I have elected to end voting and officially announce Battleborn's move away from Destiny 2. Starting today, April 1st 2018, Battleborn will be your one stop shop for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The power of friendship will permeate our website, Discord and gaming. As a life long brony, I am extremely happy that Rastusg and theWiseOwlWay were bold enough to up step and lead the campaign to transition the clan to something more in line with what lives deep w

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