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Expanding the Family

As many of you know, earlier this month Battleborn held a vote to decide whether or not to open our roster to our member’s families. After a three-day vote, the result was overwhelmingly in favor of extending membership invitations to the children and wives of our members.

At the time we realized that inclusion of these two groups would require certain social modifications. This is mostly due to the idea of minors being present on our Discord, with the main challenge being the preservation of our locker room atmosphere while protecting children from some of the more “colorful” content.

In order to achieve this we decided to create a separate channel where children can interact with the clan (#family). Unlike the Wall, the Family channel will be kept to a PG rating through a combination of word filtering and strict moderation. If a member repeatedly violates the family friendly nature of the Family channel, they will be subject to a 24-hour temporary ban from the channel. Since children will also be accessing the LFG channels, they will be subject to the same rules.

To further safeguard the children, we also decided to make the NSFW and Family channels opt-in for all of our adult members. That way everyone will know what they are signing up for when they elect to join the channel. In order to opt-in, members will need to visit the #roll-join-channel and following the instructions located there. As an added benefit, joining a role on the server no longer requires inputting a command but instead only requires the selection of an emoji that corresponds with the role that you wish to join.

So, how does my wife/child join the clan?

Good question. In order to join, prospective members will need to visit https://www.dodbattleborn.com/how-to-join and press the “Battleborn Discord” button. After that they will find themselves in the Welcome channel where they will need to use one of the following commands:

“?apply Dad” (if you are a dad)

“?apply <current member>’s wife”

“?apply <current member>’s child”

Appropriate restrictions will be applied to a child instantly when their membership is approved.

With all of that said, it is an exciting time for Battleborn. With the addition of new game options and the possibility of having our families fully integrated into our clan we are set to become an even stronger community than we have been in the past.

Of course, we realize that there might be some concern when it comes to adding wives and children into our mix and that’s understandable. We as admins want to maintain an area where we are free to be ourselves as much as anyone else in the clan. With that, we encourage you to continue to be yourselves when you’re on Discord. Unless you’re a jerk. In that case be someone else.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns then please feel free to contact the admin team (Spydi30, xxCh3m1stxx, Bup89 or Sentinel-Prime) via the DoD Battleborn website (https://www.dodbattleborn.com/contact), Discord direct message, or PS Messages. We realize that we can’t please everyone but we would definitely love the opportunity to try.


Q: Who’s allowed to join?

A: Wives and children of current Battleborn members.

Q: How old does my kid have to be to play?

A: We’re suggesting a minimum age of 12 but we will be willing to accept younger ages based on your child’s maturity level.

Q: Will non-Dads receive access to Discord?

A: Yes. Children will be given their own channel to use that will be strictly moderated. Children will only be able to access this channel and LFG. Adult members will have full access to all Discord functionality (Family channel included). Remember to keep things PG while on the kid’s channel.

Q: What about the NSFW wall?

A: Going forward, the NSFW wall will still be available but to further safeguard the children each member will have to request permission to view the channel.

Q: What happens if a child causes issues when their parent isn’t around?

A: In this case, we encourage members to contact an admin so the situation can be addressed with the parent.

Q: Am I going to have to change my behavior while playing online? A: Maybe, but only slightly. When kids are around, please be mindful of your language and do your best to keep things PG. Other than that, feel free to be yourself (unless you’re a jerk).

Q: Do I have to game with kids or non-dads?

A: Not if you don’t want to. With that said, some of the kids might be your best chance of going Flawless in Trials.


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