• Spydi30 (formerly)

Surprise Y'all!

Hey there everybody!

It's me, your friendly neighborhood Spydi! I have a confession for you in this time of Spring. It turns out that I haven't been entirely truthful with all of you and for that I am deeply and truly sorry.

You see, I've been telling all of y'all that I 'work' in a prison and that's the truth but I ain't guardin inmates man. I'm pressing out license plates as a full time resident.

You see, my true animal love isn't spiders at all. It's natures most majestic and beautiful creature, the mighty big cat, the TIGER.

What I'm saying is that Spydi30 was just a cover so I could avoid my arch nemesis, Carole Baskin. I'm actually Joe Exotic and I have some things to say to you.

Number 1 : from now on, it's all tigers all the time for Battleborn.

Number second: each of you needs to send a package of gummi bears or moon pies to Carole Baskin immediately. She'll understand the message.

Part C: I have been inprisoned as part of a vast conspiracy to unseat the Tiger King from his throne and I NEED your help. Don't quit with what you're sending down to Carole, I need all y'all to send me critical supplies like steel cut hand files, metal spoons, Pall Mall cigarettes and jars of grape jelly. Just bake it all into a cake and send it to me. Stay tuned, I go tmore important news about our future. (Hint: we gonna build us a zoo!)


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