• The Admin Team

Keeping the Code

Let’s take a minute to discuss the Code of Conduct. As members of our community here at Battleborn, each of you have stated that you have read and agreed to abide by the rules in our Code of Conduct. This means that you’ve committed yourself to things like playing a minimal amount of time each month, showing mutual respect and refraining from using cheats. In effect you’ve agreed to conduct yourself as the sort of mature (by our standards anyway) and responsible (we’re really setting a low bar here) player that would be an asset to like-minded individuals within Battleborn.

With that said, the Code of Conduct is not intended as a set of hard rules that each of us must follow. It’s more of a guide that encourages the sort of behavior that we like to see in our clanmates. Why is that? Well, it’s because we recognize that you can’t have a rule for every situation and being adult men (for the most part) we expect you to be able to conduct yourselves in a manner that’s worthy of respect. It also allows your Admin team some much needed flexibility when it comes to the enforcement of the Code because everyone situation is unique and deserves to be judged on its own merits.

While many parts of the Code of Conduct are left to your own best judgement there are a few rules that are rigid. Those are rules that we take quite seriously and appropriate action will be taken when necessary. One of those rules is “No Hacking/Cheating”. Please be reminded that the use of software, DoS Attack(Denial of Service) or a paid service that uses these tactics to boost one’s stats or complete a quest step is strictly forbidden within our community when PvP is involved.

While we’ve been known to use a PvE cheese every now and again, we tend to let the players involved make their own decision in how they would like to proceed. In the case of PvP however, there are players involved that have no say in your actions. To use a cheat in PvP is to turn these players into victims when they are hacked, DoSed or glitched on. Simply put, using a PvP cheat and creating a negative player experience while wearing the Battleborn tag is unacceptable and will result in immediate removal from the clan once it has been confirmed.

So what does all this mean? For most of you, it doesn’t mean anything. Continue enjoying our mutual hobby and playing the same way that you always have: with respect, integrity and gnarly falls when trying to navigate a jump puzzle. However, if you find yourself tempted to use something that has a negative effect on another player, be warned. Unless that something is skill.

-the Admin Team


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