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All users are subject to the Code of Conduct that the Dads of Destiny enforce in all aspects and media types within the group.



1. No Hacking/Cheating

While there may be questionable game mechanics found once in a while, willful hacking or any other means that creates a negative player experience for ourselves or those we play against will not be tolerated by DoD Battleborn. With that said, while we don't take a hard stance against exploiting questionable game mechanics within raids, nightfalls, or strikes if the entire fireteam is composed of Battleborn members. We strongly suggest all fireteam members discuss and agree with the raid strategy to ensure a positive experience for all players.


2. Activity

We expect all members to be involved in game and also with the multiple social conversations our Clan provides (i.e. say hi in the Discord chat, post an LFG, sign up for a raid, etc.). The Clan admin team and Community Managers will conduct periodic checks to insure all tagged members are active in these respects. Any members that have not played Destiny 2 for a minimum of 4 hours a month and participated in any of our community conversations within a reasonable amount of time will be considered inactive and will be removed to open up spots for new members. If you are expecting to take an extended break from Destiny the please contact us via the website or send a group Discord message to all the administrators and moderators to ensure proper notification is received. Each leave of absence will be valid for a maximum of 30 days - after that you will be removed but are welcome to re-apply for membership at any time.


3. Respect

As all members of DoD Battleborn can have varying schedules and different ways they play, please be mindful that in the end we are all here to game and enjoy our available free time.There is no reason to belittle or gripe about a fellow member. Put downs and insults will only be tolerated when they come from a place of mutual respect. These rules apply to all places in the community where users can interact with other members of the community. When interacting with other members in this community in chats, forums and any other form of communication used between members, please make sure you are being relevant, constructive and polite.  ​


DO NOT post any topics/replies on the forum or group wall containing the following: 

-       Racism/discrimination

-       Politics

-       Abusive language

-       Flaming or insulting other members

-       Posting spam

-       Soliciting, begging, auctioning, raffling, selling, advertising, referrals.

-       Non-Clan approved fundraising (example: GOFUNDME or Kickstarter)

-       Porn, inappropriate or offensive content, or anything else not safe for work (except on the NSFW Discord channel where you may enter at your own risk).


The group forum is public and we have to be respectful to all members when it comes to any material that some might find offensive.​


A safe for kids channel has been established to allow a safe space for communication for our child members. Children will also be allowed to view the LFG channel but will not be allowed to access other Discord channels. The kids and LFG channels will be strictly moderated in order to maintain a PG environment.


4. Maturity

While we are a large and varied group that includes fathers and their families we do expect that our members maintain a level of maturity when required (regardless of their age). No matter your age or position in life, keep in mind that the person on the other side of the headset is a person like you just trying to enjoy their free time.  We provide a general group for Fathers (and their families) among the gaming community to get together to chat about parenting, juggling children, gaming, and really anything else at all.​


We keep things relaxed and casual as some of us may be sleep-deprived. If you feel the need to whine, moan, or flame, then please do it elsewhere. When interacting with another members’ family, such as children, please be respectful and use family-friendly language.​


5. Loyalty ​

We won’t ask anyone to put their life on the line but we do expect members to maintain their DoD Battleborn clan tags to remain in the group. While we do not prohibit playing with persons outside of the clan we would like you to at least make an effort to play with other Battleborn members regularly. In order to utilize all of our Clan's features and amenities, and to maintain Clan membership, all members must wear the DoD Battleborn clan tag. If the tag is removed, for ANY reason, immediate removal from all aspects of the clan will result.


If a problem arises that you are unable to address yourself, then please report it to an admin rather than allowing the situation to escalate.  The admin team (xxCh3m1stxx, Bup89 or Sentinel-Prime) can be contact directly via the DoD Battleborn website (, Discord direct message, or PS Messages.  Please don’t discuss any of these types of questions or concerns on the main wall as we want to work with all parties to resolve issues as quickly and fairly as possible.


-The Admin Team


C O D E   O F   C O N D U C T

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