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Side Quests

First off, the admin team would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote for the next Battleborn games.

Those votes have been tallied and two distinct groups emerged- PvE folks seem to love Monster Hunter World while some of the PvP folks are digging Fortnite (of course there are a few of you crossing party lines) and as a result we have decided to support both games as Destiny supplements.

So does this mean for you?

We want you to know that this DOESN'T mean we are abandoning Destiny 2. We are committed to having an active D2 clan and that means those not playing at least a little D2 (4 hours/month) will still be removed from the Battleborn and Discord. In the meantime...

Monsters will be hunted!

If you have purchased or plan to purchase MHW, playing with clanmates is highly encouraged. We’d also recommend that if you are looking to purchase a new game that you give MHW a good look as many of your clanmates are already hunting and would love the company.

To join the MHW group and see the MHW channels in Discord go to the main wall and type: ?rank Monster Hunters

Forts will be demolished

Being free is a definite bonus when it comes to Fortnite but if you are looking to scratch that PvP fix or are just looking to burn some time with your buddies, we strongly recommend you give Fortnite a try. It’s a bit different than other PvP games so jump in with a squad and have fun.

To join the Fortnite group and see the Fortnite channels in Discord go to the main wall and type: ?rank Fortniters

Going Forward…

Next, month we will review how the new games are going and vote whether to swap out either of them. We intend to try to maintain two options for extra games. First, a relatively popular game that will likely need to be purchased. Second, a free to play game either one that's always free like Fortnite or one of the current month's free PS Plus games.

These side quest games will always be completely optional and at no time will anyone be required to play any alternative games or make any purchases.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this post or in general hit up any out the Admins on Discord or Contact Us here.

The DOD Battleborn Admin Team


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