• Spydi30

Friendship is Magic

Hello Battleborn! As many of you are aware, we were in the middle of a holding a vote to find a new game that would be endorsed as an official Battleborn game. Due to an overwhelming write-in campaign and my bold leadership, I have elected to end voting and officially announce Battleborn's move away from Destiny 2.

Starting today, April 1st 2018, Battleborn will be your one stop shop for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The power of friendship will permeate our website, Discord and gaming. As a life long brony, I am extremely happy that Rastusg and theWiseOwlWay were bold enough to up step and lead the campaign to transition the clan to something more in line with what lives deep within our hearts.

This is a bold new few future for Battleborn and I can't way to join hooves in friendship as we walk this path together.

Ponyfan30 (formerly Spydi30)

Clan Founder



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