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Time for Warfare

During the life of the first Destiny game, we were able to form bonds, start new rituals and make memories that were often memorialized on YouTube for everyone to view. We had our Raid Schools and Flawless Crota runs and of course…Iron Banner! During Banner Week we would come together in pickup groups, bounce in and out of PSN chats…it was the Battleborn equivalent of a week-long party. A lot of that was driven by our desire to do one thing: take the top spot in Destiny Clan Wars.

For those of you that aren’t aware, Destiny Clan Wars was a website that tracked player statistics as they played events that rotated from week to week. Bonuses were awarded for playing in certain ways (using a pulse rifle, playing the objective). At the end of the weekly event, the winners were awarded the bragging rights that come with being at the top of the mountain.

For unknown reasons when Destiny 2 launched, Destiny Clan Wars went offline and never returned. Because of this, events like Iron Banner have been missing a bit of the “magic” that used to accompany it.

Today, I am happy to report to you that a team of dedicated Destiny fans has chosen to pick up the torch and have launched Destiny Clan Warfare!

Just like Clan Wars before it, Clan Warfare has a rotating schedule of events that track our progress and encourage us to play in new ways in order to earn points for our clan. Some weeks, these events will be PvP focused (Iron Banner, Quick Play) while on other weeks the focus will be on PvE.

Unlike Clan Wars, Clan Warfare requires NO additional registration from those that choose to participate. If you are a member of Battleborn, then you may have already contributed to our standing in the rankings just by playing strikes this week!

Later today Clan Warfare returns its focus to PvP with the event being Crucible Quickplay with the following modifiers: 1. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - Double your score if you're on the winning team.

2. Rocky Balboa's Trainee - Bonus points for melee kills.


3. Anti-Meta - Lose 50 points for each kill with Uriel's, Antiope or Positive Outlook.

With that said, this gives yet another reason to join our Battleborn brothers so we can chase the top spot each week. Form your fireteams, earn points and try to take the top spot amongst your Battleborn brethren!

If you want to check your standings, you can proceed directly to

Member of the Moment

In the spirit of Clan Warfare becoming available, our latest Member of the Moment is the man that scored the most for our clan (at the time of this writing) during the Heroic Strikes event:


Congratulate him on his accomplishment and dedication to shooting spacemen!


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