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Iron Banner!

Mark your calendars for the return of one of Battleborn’s favorite events! On Tuesday, October 10th the Iron Banner is back! The first mode is Clash and this year power level advantages are disabled so feel free to bring your favorite weapons. Another change is that bounties will no longer be required to earn Iron Banner gear. You only need to participate and complete challenges to earn tokens that can be exchanged for some of that sweet loot.

But what does all that mean for us as members of Battleborn? What it means is that Iron Banner is a perfect opportunity to reach out to your clan mates and get to know other members. As you play next week, don't be surprised if you receive chat party invites from clanmates that are looking to fill a spot on their fireteam. If you initiate a chat party for Banner, remember to name it something that makes it obvious (Banana Party, Iron Beatdown, etc) so your fellow members know what they’re jumping into.

Iron Banner is a week-long party for Battleborn. Destiny (and the Crucible in particular) is most fun when you have a full team. If you’re having trouble finding one, be sure to utilize the #LFG channel on Discord as well as the calendar on Guilded. Also make sure that you have the admin team on your friend’s list as well as members of the Iron Wolves (stevenJM, THEjaxsu11y, ralphus999, liquid-sn_ke21, sonolimy and others). If you jump into their party they’ll be happy to get you hooked up with a team if you need one. Some of you might be thinking, “But what about me? I’m no good at PvP.” Don’t let that be a concern. We’re interested in making sure that everyone has a fun time so don’t be afraid to participate and be ready to learn a thing or two while you’re at it.

Member of the Moment Our newest Member of the Moment is fairly new to us, having joined in the twilight of the original Destiny. He's certainly made his presence known. Since joining, he has been quick to join teams, vocal on Discord and has demonstrated an ability to organize raids with patience and maturity. For that and many other reasons, our newest Member of the Moment is: BlueSkies78


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