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Let's Talk About LFG

The lfg portion of the discord and our clan in general has been sub-par for probably a couple years now. Far too often posts go missed with no signups or feature the same few guardians every week. This clan once had a thriving lfg and the admins would love to get back to that level again. We want you to be able to find a pick group for a raid or nightfall or PvP on any given night and that means we need an lfg that is easily accessible, easy to use, and only one form of lfg. This brings me to the point of this post; we have a number of options for lfg on our table. The admins believe we have finally found the one option that not only provides the ability to view upcoming events in a simple calendar view on both PCs and mobile devices, but also makes creating those events very straight-forward with NO SPECIAL discord commands.

Introducing, our new and only location for clan LFG. By clicking the link posted in the discord #announcements channel you can join our private clan group. You should log in to using you discord credentials. This will auto-create your linked account. You should then really consider downloading the Guilded app for iOS/Android. The calendar has also been added to our website at

Using the Calendar…

To create an event, you simply click the "Create Event" button on the calendar and fill in the fields it’s really simple, you can also easily edit the events if you need to make a change later. As soon as you create the event it is not only visible on the calendar, but it will also be posted by the GuildedBot to our clan LFG wall on discord. This post will include a link where anyone on discord can just click to join your event. Please note this bot should be your first choice for scheduling events for which you are asking people to signup. It is still perfectly acceptable and appropriate to post to #lfg when you are looking for a quick pickup game, or perhaps someone just dropped out of your raid but your group would like to continue.

Ultimately you can access the list of events in any of the following locations

1. The guilded App for iOS and Android

2. At

3. At

4. Individual events that have been posted can be found in bot posts on the Battleborn #lfg wall.

Lastly, one important point of note, we as a clan will abide by a few rules when we are using the bot.

1. The bot does have a chat section…Don’t use it! It will fragment chat. Chat should stay here on the discord walls.

2. Don’t create a new event unless you have first checked to see if someone has already created an similar event and your events could be combined.

3. Finally, It would be appreciated if any existing raid groups post their previously scheduled raid nights to the calendar now. They can be created as recurring events and then you simply post on #lfg if you need subs for the evening.


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