• Stevenjm

It's Time for PVP! It's Time for Trials!

Destiny 2 is LIVE and the first weekend of Trials is underway! Now we have a new goal as clan. The goal is simple, let's get a card to 7 wins with Battleborn fireteams each week. The rewards benefit us all: clan experience, a share in the engrams and accomplishments for all of DoD Battleborn. The ultimate goal is our teams getting a flawless run on a regular basis. Let's do this!

I've been asked to put together some teams for regular running so I'm looking for volunteers to run in fireteams that will play some regular crucible for practice and then Trials on the weekends. With our schedules, it's going to be a little tricky but this is the time guys, we can do this! There's great talent here and with 4v4, the teamwork and regular running will get us there. Let me know what weekdays/nights you're available for practice and what Friday-Monday schedules you have and I'll work on pairing up people so we can work together. Sound good? msg me and I'll reach out and start setting this up.

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