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One Week

We’re almost there!  One week from now, Guardians around the world will be launching into Destiny 2 to join the fight against the Red Legion and Battleborn is better prepared than ever with new tools like and Discord.

With that said, while most of us are planning on launching into D2 as soon as possible, all of us will not have the same luxury.  Due to commitments with family, work, school or any number of responsibilities, many of your fellow Battleborn members may not be starting D2 as quickly as you.

We don’t want something that we’ve been anticipating for so long being spoiled.  We also recognize that you want to talk about D2 freely.  Because of this, your Clan Leadership is asking for your cooperation in regards to spoilers.  When speaking about specific story details, map specifics in public spaces, patrol zones or raid details, please keep all chat in the “destiny-spoilers” channel on Discord for at least a week after the Raid is released.

Please note, that at this time we are not considering discussion about Crucible, weapons, armor or class abilities to be spoilers at this time.


In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the catastrophic flooding that has affected large parts of Texas and Louisiana, the Bungie Foundation has elected to begin a promotion to raise funds for emergency release efforts.  Please visit for details.

Member of the Moment – “Flawless Leadership”

Some aspire to greatness.  Some have greatness thrust upon them.  This Member of the Moment is a man that will forever be remembered as one of Battleborn’s finest leaders.  At one of our darkest hours, this member had the mantle of leadership fall over him


He rose to meet this challenge and under the minutes of his reign, he managed to accrue exactly zero screw-ups.  I present to you our newest Member of the Moment:

AsianNinjaKilla! Be sure to congratulate him (and remind him that he runs plates slower than Bup)!


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