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Battleborn Update - Leaner and Meaner

Over the past month, your Battleborn Leadership has been hard at work developing new tools to strengthen our clan in preparation for Destiny 2. We have a powerful new tool for communication in the form of Discord, an improved website and calendar and a YouTube channel that is populating with new content.

The next phase in preparing Battleborn for Destiny 2 has been the most difficult by far. In case you haven’t heard, Destiny 2 will be handling the in-game treatment of clans differently. When the game launches, rewards will be granted based on clan membership and activities. At this time we don’t know what those rewards are or how they will be earned, one thing is certain: an active and engaged clan will be more important than ever.

This brought up a challenge for Battleborn Leadership. Over the course of the first Destiny, Battleborn had moved from being a smaller group of like-minded fathers to becoming a clan that was massive in size and spread across multiple sub-clans. As the Destiny player base began to shrink over the last year so did the number of active players in Battleborn.

This led to the conditions that we now face. As of now Battleborn currently has roughly sixty active members spread across our various sub-clans. While this is a healthy number of members, some of have fallen by the wayside because they are in a sub-clan with a small number of members. This has caused Battleborn to appear far less healthy than it actually is.

It is for these reasons that Battleborn Leadership has made the decision to change the way we approach clan rosters and sub-clans. Moving forward, Battleborn and all of its constituent sub-clans will be consolidated into one clan as DoD Battleborn. As part of the consolidation, inactive members and those that are not in compliance with the Code of Conduct will need to be removed from our rosters. Any inactive member in good standing will be welcome to reapply once our roster is finalized.

At this time, we are encouraging you to go to and set Battleborn as your Playstation Clan. Roster clean-up will begin today.

We’re confident that this will lead to a leaner and meaner Battleborn that is stocked with active players as we move to Destiny 2, making it easier to find teams for patrols, strikes, raids, the Crucible and dominating in Iron Banner. It is our hope that this will lead to Battleborn to be being an even tighter community that knows each other well and continues to espouse the ideals of participation and inclusivity that Battleborn is known for.

A good clan is made up of good members and we appreciate your loyalty and enthusiasm. Thank you to everyone for everything that you do to make Battleborn special. Exciting times are ahead and we look forward to having you with us! Please note that this is a large project and mistakes happen. If you find yourself without a clan tag we don’t want to lose you. Please contact a member of Leadership as soon as possible.


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