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Iron Wolves update

Good evening Gentlemen...

As you may already be unintentionally aware, I am posting this to officially inform all of you of the closing of our successful PVP extension, DoD IronWolves.

This was a extremely difficult and long debated subject, but in the end, we believe it is a decision that will only make us stronger going in to Destiny 2.

Factors used include the relevance of ClanWars (the initial motivation behind DoD IronWolves, which is on a steady and steep decline already and expected to decrease further as Destiny 2 gets closer), probability of the new in-game clan rewards to include PVP and PVE content, and the active and inactive members of DoD IronWolves as a whole.

Know that this is in no way a negative action.

Also, this should not impact you guys in how you are playing the game and what you are already doing. If anything, it will bring us all closer as a clan and as a community, allowing universal access to our members on both teams more so than ever before. Finally, we will ALL be in this together PVE AND PVP alike. Considering some of our most active DoD IronWolves are also some of our most fierce Raiders, this is business as usual. I'm hoping that this cross pollination will excite and encourage members who haven't experienced end game content on either side, to jump in a fireteam with us and see what we all have been talking about for the last 2 years.

In 10 days, DoD IronWolves will be closing their doors for the foreseeable future. I am now asking all members tagged as DoD IronWolves to please switch to DoD Battleborn ASAP. Those who have not made the switch by July 1st, 2017, will be lost when the doors close and will have to reapply.

Since I can not guarantee we will have open spots going into Destiny 2, I strongly suggest all DoD IronWolves take full advantage of this opportunity to avoid interruption of membership.

As always, feel free to PM me with any and all questions, comments and concerns relative to this decision, my door is always open.

Looking forward to the future, your faithful Web slinger,



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