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Battleborn Update - The Return

As you are aware, the release of Destiny 2 is quickly approaching. As the original Destiny begins to fade into the sunset we are waiting with baited breath for any new announcements as well as the launch of the Beta for Destiny 2. Things are changing in our little corner of the system and as such Battleborn must change also.

Your Admin team has been hard at work developing new systems to make your life with Battleborn easier. Among them is this very website 2.0. Going forward, it is our hope that this will be the new springboard that launches you into all things Battleborn. will be a place to showcase your feats and accomplishments (and your more comical moments). We're looking for media submissions so please send any images and video that you have to Sentinel-Prime.

Most importantly, will be the place to organize any and all clan-based activities. Whether it's a Raid, Crucible matches or grinding strikes you now have the option to schedule an event quickly without having to rely on an additional link. Just click on the “Events” tab at the top of the page and you are ready to go! If you are interested in submitting material to the website, simply use the “Contact” tab and send an email OR contact Sentinel-Prime via Discord.

“What’s Discord?” you may ask…well that is another new tool that has been implemented for the purpose of making communication amongst our members easier and more efficient. With the ability to share images, video and edit your posts Discord has proven itself to be a reliable (and fun) method of communication for our clan. Also: when goes down, Discord stays up. We will no longer have to suffer a communications blackout due to Bungie server maintenance. As before, if you need instruction or have a question, use the “Contact” tab to get in touch.

Remember: your admin team is here to serve YOU but we can’t do that job if we don’t hear from you. If you have any comments, questions or concerns then please feel free to let us know. We can’t grant every request but we are certainly open to hearing new ideas.

Member of the Moment

Now it’s time for a Battleborn tradition: announcing our Member of the Moment. This Member of the Moment is relatively new to us but has integrated himself into our group with the grace and sophistication of a rhinoceros on roller skates. He’s a prolific collaborator on the Wall. He’s eager to learn. He’s skilled but not cocky…and did I mention that he’s polite? Truly. We’re talking Canadian-level politeness. Without further ado, I present to you our newest member of the moment: T04Genesis07!!!

Be sure to congratulate him on this amazing achievement that is sure to go down in his memory as one of his greatest moments.


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