Do you:

Not have time to explain what you don’t have time to explain?
Look for the public event when the day gets suddenly dark?
Think you see Oracles when you see headlights?

Does your significant other:

Give the evil eye when you’re being too loud?
Refer to themselves as “Destiny Widows”?

Have you:

Had to put down your controller momentarily because you had to be a DAD?
Heard "Guardian Down" from another room while you're taking care of your child?
Wondered what it’s like to play with like-minded fathers who love this game?
Thought about joining a clan where community and heart matter as much as content?

If so, then we welcome you to join.  We're not just a clan.  We're an extended family.  Come run a Raid or Banner with us.  You'll never leave.  There's room on the couch, bathroom's to the right.



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