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Hello everyone! Battleborn began as a community of dads who shared a common interest in playing Destiny amongst other players who understand that real life takes priority over video games. While Destiny has been the primary unifying factor amongst our group for the last three years, something has changed. Through the fires of Iron Banner and hundreds of raids, bonds have been formed between our members beyond Destiny itself. Some of us have been able to meet up in the “real” world. We look for each other no matter what game we’re playing. Simply put, Battleborn has evolved beyond being merely a Destiny clan and has become a community of gamers and friends.

With that said, Battleborn leadership has decided to embrace this trend by officially recognizing the addition of a new Battleborn game to make it easier to find teammates and talk strategies about a game that is current, popular or both. Because we are first and foremost a Destiny 2 clan, these additional games are considered optional and are simply popular games our community has decided to play together. Membership in DoD Battleborn will still be based on Destiny 2. Other games will be supported for the length of time they remain popular.

In order to determine popularity, each month we will vote as a clan on which game to support. We will be featuring a selection of four games to vote on each month, one of which being the previous month’s winner. Other selections will be determined by Battleborn leadership based on a variety of factors such as multiplayer options, popularity (determined by Twitch streams) and age.

Of course, we continue to encourage our members to play whatever they like with whomever they like but we feel that it is important to limit Battleborn’s “official” game count in order to avoid diluting our effectiveness in being able to group up.

Our first candidates for supported games are:


Grand Theft Auto V

Monster Hunter: World


Please visit click HERE to vote for your favorite game! Deadline is April 4th.


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