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Today I received the sad news through Destiny Clan Warfare that one of our fellow Guardians is experiencing a challenge that is the stuff of nightmares for any parent. On January 20th, BobSweetcheeks’ six month old son was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma. Baby Jensen is set to go through four cycles of chemotherapy to combat this cancer.

As a show of support, Battleborn will we be changing our clan banner to green (the support ribbon color of Hepatoblastoma) for the next week and we encourage you to use green emblems while playing. It would be nice to get a screenshot of our clan roster decked out in green.

While shows of support are great for boosting morale, there’s also a financial burden on the family that needs to be considered. Both parents are employed but will be missing a lot of work in addition to the expenses that result from an extended hospital stay. If you’re able and willing, please consider making a donation to the family’s GoFundMe at:



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