On Raids and Raid Teams

Over the last few years, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of being a member of what I feel is one of the best Destiny Clans around.  As I’ve said over and over, one of the things that make Battleborn special is our desire to include every member in our activities regardless of their skill level.  Anyone is welcome in any fireteam or chat. With that said, over the course of Destiny something developed:  the raid team.  Groups of guys that were committed to getting each other through the most challenging PvE experience that Destiny had to offer.  You might have heard their names:  Pants Optional, the Irregulars, PFU.  Now that the Destiny 2 release is close and Destiny is fading into the sunset,

Moving On

As all of you are aware, September 6th is the highly anticipated date that Destiny 2 will launch. Your Clan Leadership has been hard at work building new tools and trimming our rosters to support Battleborn’s transition to becoming a Destiny 2 clan. This announcement is to remind all Battleborn members that we will be supporting Destiny 2 exclusively beginning on September 6th. After that date, clan participation will only be recognized if it takes place in Destiny 2. We recognize that some of you may need some additional time to make the transition, so initial activity checks will not be made until October 1st. We hope that everyone is able to make the transition to Destiny 2 but recognize

Ironwolves PVP Tip

Greetings all! From the Ironwolves of Battleborn, I thought it would be helpful to put down a few thoughts, make a video and give a few tips about PVP for those of you looking to improve while the summer rolls on. This video is short and sweet and, maybe, it might help! Hope my raw skills with video editing are OK, and if you have a topic or thought about PVP, I'll put more things together as we get closer to D2. #PVP #Ironwolves #DOD #DODBattleborn

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