Iron Wolves update

Good evening Gentlemen... As you may already be unintentionally aware, I am posting this to officially inform all of you of the closing of our successful PVP extension, DoD IronWolves. This was a extremely difficult and long debated subject, but in the end, we believe it is a decision that will only make us stronger going in to Destiny 2. Factors used include the relevance of ClanWars (the initial motivation behind DoD IronWolves, which is on a steady and steep decline already and expected to decrease further as Destiny 2 gets closer), probability of the new in-game clan rewards to include PVP and PVE content, and the active and inactive members of DoD IronWolves as a whole. Know that this i

Battleborn Update - Leaner and Meaner

Over the past month, your Battleborn Leadership has been hard at work developing new tools to strengthen our clan in preparation for Destiny 2. We have a powerful new tool for communication in the form of Discord, an improved website and calendar and a YouTube channel that is populating with new content. The next phase in preparing Battleborn for Destiny 2 has been the most difficult by far. In case you haven’t heard, Destiny 2 will be handling the in-game treatment of clans differently. When the game launches, rewards will be granted based on clan membership and activities. At this time we don’t know what those rewards are or how they will be earned, one thing is certain: an active and

Battleborn Update

Another E3 is behind us and thanks to Bungie we now have a date for the Destiny 2 Beta. Mark your calendars for July 19th as that will be your first opportunity to get your hands on Destiny 2. All of us are excited for the D2 Beta but there are still things for us to accomplish in Destiny. Many of you may still be looking for Raid Challenge Mode completions as well as help with finishing off some of the pesky Crucible tasks for the Age of Triumph book. Be sure to check the “Events” tab for opportunities to get these things done. As always, if you don’t see an event that fits your schedule, create your own and advertise it on Discord! In other news, the Code of Conduct has been tweaked.

Using the Calendar

Hello everyone! Let's take a look at some of the features of our new Events Calendar. First up, it's important to note the default time zone on the calendar is Eastern. To localize the calendar to your time, click on the time zone at the bottom and select your zone. After that, all events will automatically adjust to you (a 9:00 pm Eastern start will show as 8:00 pm if you're on Central). Joining an event is easy. Just browse the calendar. If you see something you're interested in, click on it and you will be allowed to sign up if players are needed. Next up is event creation. To start creating an event, click on the day that you want to run your event. An event creation window will p

Get to Know Your Clan Leaders

Your clan leaders are constantly working behind the scenes to make your experience with Battleborn -and Destiny- more positive and engaging.  For the most part, we're not what most would consider "elite players."  We're dads that just want to do our part to make sure that the people we play with are having as great an experience as we are. Battleborn is one of the greatest clans in Destiny.  But what makes us great?  Is it because we are filled with elite players?  Is it because we're constantly completing raids and striving for PvP greatness?  While it's true that we do those things, they are not what makes Battleborn great.  What makes our clan great is our spirit of inclusiveness and our

Battleborn Update - The Return

As you are aware, the release of Destiny 2 is quickly approaching. As the original Destiny begins to fade into the sunset we are waiting with baited breath for any new announcements as well as the launch of the Beta for Destiny 2. Things are changing in our little corner of the system and as such Battleborn must change also. Your Admin team has been hard at work developing new systems to make your life with Battleborn easier. Among them is this very website 2.0. Going forward, it is our hope that this will be the new springboard that launches you into all things Battleborn. will be a place to showcase your feats and accomplishments (and your more

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