Hey LOOK! We Dropped a #2

September 30, 2019

Hello Battleborn!


As most of you know, clan participation has been at an all-time high.  Pretty much everyone has been able to meet the participation criteria for the last several months.  What some of you may not know is that over the summer we’ve had to maintain a waiting list for prospective members.


Between the release of Shadowkeep and the Destiny 2 base game becoming free with New Light, we are expecting the number of players seeking clans to increase dramatically.  In order to meet this demand, your admin team has decided to create a second division of our clan:  DoD Battleborn Deux!


This is great opportunity to add members to our roster and increase your ability to find a team on any given night.  While xxCH3M1STxx will be moving to the new clan to serve as Founder, along with Bup89 as his backup, nothing else will be changing from an Admin perspective.  Each Admin will still be serving in their current capacity in the overall clan.


Which brings up an important point:  while we may now have two clans, Battleborn has been and will continue to be one unit.  We will be sharing the same Discord, raiding and getting crushed at PvP the same way we are now: together.  Members of this new clan are in no way to be considered second class.  They are just as Battleborn as the rest of us.

With new members, come new personalities and levels of experience.  This is not only an opportunity to fill out your fireteam. 


This is a chance to make some new friends.  To pass your skill and knowledge to other players that might be entirely new to the world of Destiny or significantly lapsed.  Most importantly, it’s a chance for us to demonstrate what Battleborn is all about:   pictures of smoked meat and an appreciation for a good fart joke.  Wait.  That doesn’t seem right.

It’s also a chance for to us demonstrate what Battleborn is all about:  being a community that welcomes players of all skill levels and gives them a chance to find a home when they are fighting amongst the stars.


-the Admin Team


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