April - the Future On One Lasting Service

April 1, 2019

Dear Fellow Members of DoD Battleborn,


At my request Battleborn is making the transition into becoming something new:  a full-fledged IT Services group.  Rather than conquering the stars Battleborn will now turn its focus toward conquering the exciting world of corrupted drivers and malware removal.


Obviously Destiny will take a back seat as we move forward into this endeavor so the Code of Conduct shall be amended as follows:


1.  You will no longer be required to play a minimum amount of Destiny 2 each month to retain membership.


2.  You WILL need to generate a minimum of four billable hours for IT Services each month at a minimum rate $97 per hour.


I know what some of you might be thinking:  "What do I do if I have no experience in IT?"  The answer to that is simple my friends:  Google.  The best IT professionals are marked by their ability to Google anything they don't know (everything) within a matter of seconds.


Even if you can't Google, you can still contribute.  Ever throw a controller in frustration?  Can you remain polite while making someone feel like they are the stupidest person on Earth?  Ever make up a term that sounds technical but is in fact gibberish?  All of these and more are valuable skills that Battleborn IT Services can put to use!


I look forward to this exciting change, as well as the massive amount of money that I stand to gain from this enterprise.






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