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June 9, 2017

Edit:  As of September 19th this information is no longer valid.  Please refer to "Let's Talk About LFG" for more information.


 Hello everyone!


Let's take a look at some of the features of our new Events Calendar.  First up, it's important to note the default time zone on the calendar is Eastern.  To localize the calendar to your time, click on the time zone at the bottom and select your zone.  After that, all events will automatically adjust to you (a 9:00 pm Eastern start will show as 8:00 pm if you're on Central).


Joining an event is easy.  Just browse the calendar.  If you see something you're interested in, click on it and you will be allowed to sign up if players are needed.



Next up is event creation.  To start creating an event, click on the day that you want to run your event.  An event creation window will pop up.  Make note of the "Options" button.  We'll go over that in a bit.


Creating an event is as simple as making a title, selecting a start date and time range and selecting the event type in the "Calendar" options.  In the "Who" field you can add the names of anyone that is planning on participating.  In the "Description" box you can give a brief description of the planned activities (i.e. "Wrath CM" or "Trials") and how many players you need for your team.


"But how will people sign up?" you might ask.  Well that's where the "Options" button comes back into play.  Click and a new window will appear.  Be sure that both "Event Signup" and "Everyone can see signups" are selected.  You can also specify a cutoff time for signing up.

 Voila! Your event is live and ready for Battleborn to sign up.



A few notes:


-Signups allow for an unlimited number of players.  This could lead to a situation where you have eight players signed up for a six man raid.  In this situation, please let common sense prevail.  If you see that an activity is full, indicate that you would like to be an alternate by typing "(alternate)" beside your name when you sign up.


-Signing Up will prompt you for a name and email.  Use your PSN ID so everyone knows who to contact.  Email is completely unnecessary.  


-Once an event is created, it will be locked on the calendar.  Contact Sentinel-Prime if you need to delete or edit an event.


-If you have any questions about using the Calendar, please direct them to Sentinel-Prime.

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